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Artist Statement

I first started painting as a way to "unplug" from my highly digital and always-on professional life as a public relations executive. With my hands covered in paint, I knew I would resist picking up the phone or going online for the hundredth time that day. 


What began as a simple exercise in relaxation soon became an absolute need for self-expression. I started to experiment with the movement of paint and the blending of color, light and shadow to create mood and distortions. I enjoy working with deep layers and textures that reveal new images and emotions with each inspection. 


Through my work, I strive to take the viewer on a journey where the experience is unique to onw's own interpretation and background. I hope to show that beauty is found everywhere; in the subtle lines and ebbs and flows of paint or in rich textures that beg to be touched. My goal is to create a visceral reaction to my work taking the viewer back through their own memories and past moments. 


- Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

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